Wednesday, 10 April 2013

QR Codes with a Twist!

My fellow Cali Travellers and I presented at our Staff Meeting about some of the  things we learned when we were in Palm Springs for the Tech Conference.

One thing we shared about is a new way to do QR codes.  I have been trying out QR codes with my kids for a bit and doing mini scavenger hunts with them.

This new way is so awesome!! QR Codes with voice! Now when you scan the QR code, your kiddos voice will come up and start talking!!
So cool right?

We learned about a site called Chirbit which you can record right into and it will turn your voice into a QR code! Talk about the possibilities!

My kids worked on a book project that talked all about their favourite book. They had to write out their scripts and practice before they could record. Since this was our first time making our own QR codes, we all used the same script format.

Here is an example I did for my kids.

photo (74)

Here is my finished piece up close. When you scan the QR code, you hear me talking about my favourite book!

photo 5

Also since my kiddos are in grade 1 and we only have a school set of ipads…I just used my own ipad and called kids over 1 at a time to record their voice. Chirbit also has an app which is great. You record your voice right on the ipad and then post to the Chirbit site! You can also record your voice on the site using a microphone too if you don’t have an ipad!

Once we finished our writing, we also drew the main character from our story. We found a page in our book which had a great picture of them that we could draw. We drew a rough copy and then a good copy. Outlined it in black sharpie and then coloured with crayons….trying really hard to use the exact same colours from the book!

Here are some of our finished drawings as well as a small pic of the book.

Tomorrow we will glue down our QR Codes. They turned out soo cute! I’m so proud of my kiddos for working so hard and independently today as I pulled kids 1 on 1 to record!

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)photo 3 (2)photo 4

We are going to hang these up for Conferences next week. When mom and dads come, their kids can take the ipad, scan their QR code and their voice will start talking to mom and dad all about their favourite book! Soo cool!

I will see if I can get some parent permission to share with you my kiddos voices but for now you can listen to me!

Listen to my QR code and be the first to comment about what MY favourite part of the book is and I will send you my new number sentence sorts for free!! (Leave your email!)
msstlaurent QR
Go try it out for yourself!!


  1. Love that!! Such a good way to incorporate technologyt. You are lucky to have a class set of iPads. I just have my personal one to use and do not let my monkeys touch it! Haha. Your kiddos drawings turned out super cute!

    First Grade Garden

    1. Thanks Amanda! You should see the pic one of my kiddos did of Franklin. Very Abstract. lol

  2. This is such a cute idea!! I will have to try this next year when I get a pod of ipads for my classroom. I was trying to read the QR code but my phone isn't working :( I'll have to try again later. But I do love this book, my favorite part is when he was yelling at the pebbles to be his friend! I get such a laugh out of it every time I read this book. Thanks for sharing this idea!

    Laurie :)


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