Thursday, 7 March 2013

Math Thinking

So I was going to show you guys my kids finished murals today and I DID take the pictures…but forgot the camera at school. Oops.

Today was a BUSY day.

One of my little friends decided he didn`t want to do any work this afternoon. (This happens daily..)

So while I was helping 15 other little friends, he was taking a break outside the room. Which is hard to do because we have limited walls and no doors and he can pretty much see and hear everything that`s going on anyway.
While he was taking his little brain break….he decided to clean the outside of my filing cabinet.

Awesome right?……..Did I mention it was with his tongue??!?

Oh Yeah. You heard me right. One of the Grade 2 teachers walked by and saw him take a big long swipe with his tongue from the bottom to the top of the filing cabinet.

Gross. So he spent some time cleaning it with a lysol wipe. UGH.

So that was my fun day….complete with 3 boys writing apologies to another teacher for being silly turkeys during Health. One which included the sentence “Sorry for wasting your time” which made me smile because we talk a lot about not wasting our learning time or others learning time because it’s important. lol.

But I digress….this post was about math thinking and I have talked nothing about math yet.

We have been doing lots of number talks lately and discussing the strategies we have been using when doing mental math.

We talked about being able to prove your answer.  Is the number sentence true or false? Prove It! Basically I don’t just want to hear you memorize facts. I want to know your thinking and the strategy you used to solve it.

If you can name it…you can claim it!

In Grade 1, we focus on the mental math strategies:
* Counting up and counting back
* Using 1 more and 1 less
* Doubles
* Starting from known doubles (Doubles +1)
* Making ten
* Using addition to subtract

Students should be able to explain their thinking and why they know a number sentence is true or false.

Do you focus on strategies?


  1. Renee,
    Thank you for sharing this cute poster. It will go perfectly in my owl classroom. Your math series sounds a lot like ours. Is it envisions?

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! We don't have a math series that we have to use. I teach in I have a provincial math curriculum that outlines all the outcomes I need to teach in grade one. How I teach them is up to me for the most part!



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