Sunday, 24 March 2013

Glue Line Chalk Pastel Easter Eggs

Hey folks

I am alive!

I was away at a Technology Conference in Palm Springs….left sick…got even more sick while I was there and had to spend last week getting better. Long story….complete with a suitcase in a swimming pool. But that’s for another time….
This coming week we are on Spring Break! Yay! The whole week off! I hope to get caught up on blogging and reading other people’s blogs and getting ahead in my planning.

But for now….here are some Glue Line Chalk Pastel Easter Eggs. This idea came from my fabulous CT Kim who I give all the credit to! They always turn out awesome!


First we traced an egg outline. Then we added our own big designs with pencil. They need to be big or the glue will smush together.
Once finished…go over all your pencil lines with white glue. Let it dry.


Colour in each section with chalk pastels! I like my kids to scribble in their section with their chalk pastel colour and then use their finger to push the colour to the glue lines and smooth it all together.


Hope you had a relaxing weekend!


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