Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cool and Warm Colour Murals

Hello Friends! I have been away for a bit working on report cards! I have also taken zero pics in my class lately because I am assessing like mad and trying to finish things up before I head to Palm Springs next week for a conference!

In Art, I need to report on Language and Tools, Creative Expression, Knowledge and Understanding of Visual Arts in Culture and Society and Analysis and Communication. Phew!

Here is a Project we worked on which focused on 2 outcomes in Creative Expression.

1. Collaborate with others to develop art making ideas.
2. Work Collaboratively to create and share group art projects with teacher guidance.

We have been learning about Warm and Cool colours as well as tints and shades.
My idea was for the kids to create a Mural in a small group that focused on either cool colours or warm colours.

Each group had 4 shapes that they could paint. Square, triangle, circle and heart. They went back with their group and discussed who would paint each shape. You could only choose 1 shape. After that, the group discussed whether or not they wanted their mural to be a warm mural or a cool mural.

We went over the criteria:
1. You can only paint 1 shape.
2. The shapes cannot be touching.
3. You need to fill the whole space.
4. You need to take care of each other and work together.
I demonstrated quickly and off they went!
Here is the first step…painting the shapes using black paint.


Groups then went back and added connecting lines…connecting all the shapes.


We let that dry and the groups then discussed who would paint what colour. If you were doing a warm mural…you only got warm colours. Kids were able to add white or black and turn their colour into a tint or shade if they wanted.

You only got 1 colour of paint to work with and you had to TRY to not paint sections that were touching.

photo (66)photo (67)photo (68)photo (69)

And then…..!!!…My camera died. And so did my phone.

So.. you will have to wait till tomorrow to see our final murals! They turned out awesome! The other grade 1 class started theirs today too! I think I am going to do more collaborative murals! They look beautiful and turned out great!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed murals. So far, they look sweet!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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