Saturday, 30 March 2013

5 for Friday (Saturday)

I’m a little late. It might be hard to share 5 things as I have been off all week for Spring Break but I will try!

5 for friday

1. Bloglovin

So maybe I am little late on this bandwagon too but I JUST heard that Google Reader is closing. So here is a new way to keep track of all the blogs you read!
Bloglovin has apps for the iphone and ipad so you can check up on your favourite blogs on all your devices. Best thing about it is it will import ALL your blogs you already have on Google Reader into Bloglovin for you! So easy!
Click on the pic to check it out!

2. Palm Springs

As I mentioned earlier..I was in Palm Springs for the Computer Using Educators Technology Conference a few weeks ago. It was also my birthday while we were there! Crazy hot! Here’s a pic of our walk to the Conference.

3. Egg Basket Design Project

My kiddos also worked on a Egg Basket Design Project before the break. They had to build a basket that could hold and carry 2 eggs across the classroom. They only had a classroom materials to work with!


4. Daily 5 Math Technology

Now that our SMARTboard is up and running we have been able to add in Math Technology to Math Daily 5!
Here is a great website that we have been using during Math called Fun4theBrain.
This is the one we are playing right now!
5. I can’t think of a 5th one! So…

Happy Easter !!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Glue Line Chalk Pastel Easter Eggs

Hey folks

I am alive!

I was away at a Technology Conference in Palm Springs….left sick…got even more sick while I was there and had to spend last week getting better. Long story….complete with a suitcase in a swimming pool. But that’s for another time….
This coming week we are on Spring Break! Yay! The whole week off! I hope to get caught up on blogging and reading other people’s blogs and getting ahead in my planning.

But for now….here are some Glue Line Chalk Pastel Easter Eggs. This idea came from my fabulous CT Kim who I give all the credit to! They always turn out awesome!


First we traced an egg outline. Then we added our own big designs with pencil. They need to be big or the glue will smush together.
Once finished…go over all your pencil lines with white glue. Let it dry.


Colour in each section with chalk pastels! I like my kids to scribble in their section with their chalk pastel colour and then use their finger to push the colour to the glue lines and smooth it all together.


Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Finished Collaborative Murals

Here are the photos for the finished Murals! The other grade one class just finished theirs as well on Friday!

Take a peek! Click {HERE} to go check out the steps in our murals.


The colours look a little funny in the photos but they look great in our hallway!

Off to finish sub plans for 3 days next week!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Math Thinking

So I was going to show you guys my kids finished murals today and I DID take the pictures…but forgot the camera at school. Oops.

Today was a BUSY day.

One of my little friends decided he didn`t want to do any work this afternoon. (This happens daily..)

So while I was helping 15 other little friends, he was taking a break outside the room. Which is hard to do because we have limited walls and no doors and he can pretty much see and hear everything that`s going on anyway.
While he was taking his little brain break….he decided to clean the outside of my filing cabinet.

Awesome right?……..Did I mention it was with his tongue??!?

Oh Yeah. You heard me right. One of the Grade 2 teachers walked by and saw him take a big long swipe with his tongue from the bottom to the top of the filing cabinet.

Gross. So he spent some time cleaning it with a lysol wipe. UGH.

So that was my fun day….complete with 3 boys writing apologies to another teacher for being silly turkeys during Health. One which included the sentence “Sorry for wasting your time” which made me smile because we talk a lot about not wasting our learning time or others learning time because it’s important. lol.

But I digress….this post was about math thinking and I have talked nothing about math yet.

We have been doing lots of number talks lately and discussing the strategies we have been using when doing mental math.

We talked about being able to prove your answer.  Is the number sentence true or false? Prove It! Basically I don’t just want to hear you memorize facts. I want to know your thinking and the strategy you used to solve it.

If you can name it…you can claim it!

In Grade 1, we focus on the mental math strategies:
* Counting up and counting back
* Using 1 more and 1 less
* Doubles
* Starting from known doubles (Doubles +1)
* Making ten
* Using addition to subtract

Students should be able to explain their thinking and why they know a number sentence is true or false.

Do you focus on strategies?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cool and Warm Colour Murals

Hello Friends! I have been away for a bit working on report cards! I have also taken zero pics in my class lately because I am assessing like mad and trying to finish things up before I head to Palm Springs next week for a conference!

In Art, I need to report on Language and Tools, Creative Expression, Knowledge and Understanding of Visual Arts in Culture and Society and Analysis and Communication. Phew!

Here is a Project we worked on which focused on 2 outcomes in Creative Expression.

1. Collaborate with others to develop art making ideas.
2. Work Collaboratively to create and share group art projects with teacher guidance.

We have been learning about Warm and Cool colours as well as tints and shades.
My idea was for the kids to create a Mural in a small group that focused on either cool colours or warm colours.

Each group had 4 shapes that they could paint. Square, triangle, circle and heart. They went back with their group and discussed who would paint each shape. You could only choose 1 shape. After that, the group discussed whether or not they wanted their mural to be a warm mural or a cool mural.

We went over the criteria:
1. You can only paint 1 shape.
2. The shapes cannot be touching.
3. You need to fill the whole space.
4. You need to take care of each other and work together.
I demonstrated quickly and off they went!
Here is the first step…painting the shapes using black paint.


Groups then went back and added connecting lines…connecting all the shapes.


We let that dry and the groups then discussed who would paint what colour. If you were doing a warm mural…you only got warm colours. Kids were able to add white or black and turn their colour into a tint or shade if they wanted.

You only got 1 colour of paint to work with and you had to TRY to not paint sections that were touching.

photo (66)photo (67)photo (68)photo (69)

And then…..!!!…My camera died. And so did my phone.

So.. you will have to wait till tomorrow to see our final murals! They turned out awesome! The other grade 1 class started theirs today too! I think I am going to do more collaborative murals! They look beautiful and turned out great!

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