Monday, 11 February 2013

This and That

This post is about art, math and Valentines.
I posted earlier about my kids work on Plasticine Portraits in Art. This awesome idea comes from my student teaching days! I had a fabulous Co-operating Teacher Kim who taught me TONS and these are her cute idea!

 We have been learning about the 5 Senses in Theme so it tied in nicely. They are the cutest things ever. They make me laugh every time I look at them because if you knew my kids, they actually look like them!

We worked in layers and body parts.
1. Make a background
2. Mix skin colour. Keep 4 small balls to make the nose, ears and neck. Rest is for the head.
3. Make head, ears, neck and nose. Make eyebrows if you want.
4. Make eyes. (Eye ball, Iris and Pupil)
5. Make teeth and lips
6. Make hair

Here are some pics from the first few steps and then some pics of the final products!

photo (60)
This one is me!
photo (57)photo (58)photo (59)photo (63)photo (65)

In Math, we have been working on skip counting by 5’s and using strategies to solve number sentences. Here is a little poster we made to help us remember skip counting by 5’s.

photo (62)

My kids also worked on another QR code scavenger hunt! This time in Math! I made 10 different QR codes and taped them in our hallway. The kids went around with a whiteboard, Ipad and a partner and recorded the answers from each QR code. There was 10 in all. Some had number sentences behind them and some had tally mark sequences. This was a great activity to get my kids used to using QR codes and working the Ipad.


  1. The plasticine faces are hilarious! I love the big smiles. Nice work!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Aren't they funny! They look so cute! My kiddos did an awesome job!



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