Monday, 4 February 2013

QR codes

Anyone using them in their class? I thought I would try out an activity to introduce my kiddos to QR codes to help them access the internet more quickly when using Ipads. QR means “Quick Response” and this is exactly what my kids need! No way am I having them type in URLS to go anywhere. In comes QR codes! You can create your own QR codes to take you anywhere or show anything!

Go QR ME is a super easy and awesome free site which lets you make your own QR codes. Simply type in the URL of somewhere you want your kids to go….a youtube video, starfall, math game, etc. It will create a code. You download and save that code and then use it as you would a picture to put it into a document and print!

All you need is a QR code scanner app (which if free) on your Ipad or iphone. Kids open the app, move it over the QR code and PRESTO! It zips them off to whatever webpage you want them to go to! Magic!!!

I created a quick little scavenger hunt for my kids to go on to test out their new QR codes. They worked with a partner. One held the Ipad, while the other wrote down the secret mystery word that popped up when you scanned the QR code! They had to go visit 6 QR codes and write down the mystery words in order to create a mystery sentence! ( I posted 6 separate documents on google docs that had 1 word each on them. I then used the URLs for the google docs to create 6 different QR codes. 1 for each mystery word.) Have I lost you yet? Seriously it’s so easy!! Stay with me!


We have been working on following the rules even if nobody is watching. lol. Tough job to do when you are 6. So our secret sentence was about them taking responsibility for how their day would turn out!

If you have a QR scanner on your iphone or ipad…see if you can figure out my mystery sentence! First 3 people to email me the mystery sentence will receive my Reading Strategies Caterpillar Pack FREE!!  My email is Thanks for playing everyone...the game is now over..but you can still try on your own to figure it out!

Remember you need to scan them in order!


Happy Sleuthing!


  1. This inspires me to try QR codes with my kinders! Thank you!

    1. Yay! So awesome to hear! It's so easy! Your kinders will love it Christine! Let me know how you use them!


  2. I love this idea! Never thought of having them use the codes together!
    Thanks so much
    Swamp Frog First Graders

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