Wednesday, 20 February 2013

100 Day Craziness

Today was banana sandwich. It was our 100 day today and I had WAYY too many things planned for our day.

My first mistake was to have my kids finish an art project that we started last week on Warm and Cool Colours. They had all cut and sorted their colours and were now ready to glue. White glue. This should have been my first warning sign. Why I would try to use white glue on 100 day is beyond me. Why I would try to have my kids use white glue in a 45 minute time frame is even more crazy. White Glue takes a good 3 hours in my class. Minimum. Sigh.

“Ms.St.Laurent..I can’t get any glue out!” “Well Bobby..remember when we talked about it and I modelled how to TURN the orange knobby thing before you glue?”

“Ms.St.Laurent….I can’t open the orange knobby thing!” (This little guy seriously did not have the strength to open the white glue..and it wasn’t stuck)

Ms.St.Laurent…I was gluing and then knelt down in my scrap paper and now I have glue on my pants.”


So this project ran into other projects and before you know it…it’s lunch time and we have done NOTHING 100 day related.

My  kids have indoor recess at lunch  because it’s crazy cold out…and I tell them that if they want to work on their 100 day crowns on their own FREE time at lunch they can…but they don’t HAVE to. I then may have bribed them with some gold glitter for their crowns. Everyone fell for it and worked on their crowns during their free play time! Yess!

Onto the afternoon where we went on a 100 day number hunt, made 100 day silly circle necklaces and that’s it! Because the other 3 activities I planned we didn’t get to!

Here’s some pics from the super rushed 100 Day Bonanza!



100 Number Hunt
I put up cards with the numbers 1-100 all around our hallway. They had to go around with a hundreds chart and colour in the square when they saw the number!


100 day Necklaces
We used “Silly Circles” which are generic Fruit Loops. :) They are nice and big.


 Stash them away for next year!

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  1. We just had our 100 Day on Tuesday - and we did not get to all our 100 day activities either. Looks like they will finish off this week and maybe even spill over into next week! Enjoy the mayhem.

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