Monday, 25 February 2013

100 Day Fun!

I have compiled all my 100 day activities into a FREE Pack! If you have already celebrated 100 day….save them for next year! You can find them on TPT!

Here are some more pics from the day!


Sunday, 24 February 2013

I won a Giveaway!

So excited! I won Kristin’s giveaway at Ladybug’s Teacher Files for a $20 giftcard to Miss Tiinas Shop!

Here’s what I got!

Canadian Money pics what!!???!! I didn’t know she was from Ontario! I love the cute Canadian graphics on the coins!

I am excited to make something with them!

Hope you had a great weekend! I said I would share some 100 day stuff and I will post it all tomorrow!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

100 Day Craziness

Today was banana sandwich. It was our 100 day today and I had WAYY too many things planned for our day.

My first mistake was to have my kids finish an art project that we started last week on Warm and Cool Colours. They had all cut and sorted their colours and were now ready to glue. White glue. This should have been my first warning sign. Why I would try to use white glue on 100 day is beyond me. Why I would try to have my kids use white glue in a 45 minute time frame is even more crazy. White Glue takes a good 3 hours in my class. Minimum. Sigh.

“Ms.St.Laurent..I can’t get any glue out!” “Well Bobby..remember when we talked about it and I modelled how to TURN the orange knobby thing before you glue?”

“Ms.St.Laurent….I can’t open the orange knobby thing!” (This little guy seriously did not have the strength to open the white glue..and it wasn’t stuck)

Ms.St.Laurent…I was gluing and then knelt down in my scrap paper and now I have glue on my pants.”


So this project ran into other projects and before you know it…it’s lunch time and we have done NOTHING 100 day related.

My  kids have indoor recess at lunch  because it’s crazy cold out…and I tell them that if they want to work on their 100 day crowns on their own FREE time at lunch they can…but they don’t HAVE to. I then may have bribed them with some gold glitter for their crowns. Everyone fell for it and worked on their crowns during their free play time! Yess!

Onto the afternoon where we went on a 100 day number hunt, made 100 day silly circle necklaces and that’s it! Because the other 3 activities I planned we didn’t get to!

Here’s some pics from the super rushed 100 Day Bonanza!



100 Number Hunt
I put up cards with the numbers 1-100 all around our hallway. They had to go around with a hundreds chart and colour in the square when they saw the number!


100 day Necklaces
We used “Silly Circles” which are generic Fruit Loops. :) They are nice and big.


 Stash them away for next year!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hall Pass Linky

I am linking up with Reagan over at Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits for her Hall Pass Linky Party!

Here’s the lowdown.

Well I don’t have tons but one I love is my Reading Strategies Caterpillar. We refer to him every day during Guided Reading and he just looks cute :)


Sorry he’s blurry :(


My favourite part of my classroom is my reading corner.
I love it because it has cute pillows and carpet, owl reading buddies, a funky lamp and my kiddos are great at taking care of it :) We read, book shop, hang out and learn new things in here! (This is last years picture so no lamp and owl reading buddies in this one!)

June 11, 2012 009

S- Signal

My signal in my class is my wind chime and my hand chime. We practice the very first day of school with a freeze game that helps us learn what to do when you hear the wind chime! When you hear the chime…you freeze and turn to look at the teacher. You are frozen while I talk. When I am done talking I will say “Melt” and you can continue on.
My hand chime is a little different. It is used to signal the end of Daily 5 round and Daily 5 math rounds. I ring it 3 times on my hand and when you hear those 3 rings…you know to clean up and come to the carpet. No words are necessary.
Works great for me! I bought my hand chime online but I cannot seem to find a pic of it! It’s in the shape of a star and it’s made of wire. You ring it by hitting it on the back of your hand. Anyone?

Ashley  from "That's so Second Grade" had it in her post! Mine is silver but looks exactly like this!

S- Sanity

One way I keep myself sane at work is by chatting with hallway colleagues about some of my known turkeys. We are in an open concept school so no doors on the classrooms and a few walls. We all open up into the same hallway. I can look over my bookshelf and see the grade 3 teacher. I have 2 1/3 walls in my room. The 1/3 wall I share with another classroom. Hard to picture I know.
Anywho….chatting with certain people makes me feel better and reassures me that I am not crazy.
Another way I stay sane is by just having some quiet time at lunch or during recess. Sometimes it’s nice to just surf Pinterest, eat snacks out of my filing cabinet and have a quiet moment. Although indoor recess is making me bananas. No more –40 celsius days please.

There you have it!

Go link up with Reagan and share your own Teachers Hall Pass!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Pinterest Hover Button

Notice my awesome cool Pinterest hover button on all my pics?! Now you just have to click the button to pin it to Pinterest!

Kaitlyn @ the Wifessionals wrote an awesome tutorial on how to add your own and customize it!
It was super easy to do!

Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies also has a great tutorial on it as well!

Click on their blogs to go read about it and make your own!

Happy Long Weekend!

Friday, 15 February 2013

5 for Friday

Yay for long weekends! We have Monday off for Louis Riel Day (Thank you Manitoba) and I am away Tuesday at a Math PD.

I am linking up with Kacey’s Five for Friday!
5 for friday

1. Warm and Cool Colours. The kiddos did some warm and cool watercolour paintings things morning. We sorted warm, cool and neutral colours and cut out some shapes from our paintings.


2. We worked with gigantic dominos during Morning Meeting.

june 18th, 2012 034

3. We have been working on the strategies “Stretching the Word, Text to Self Connections and Making Predictions” in Daily 5.


4. We did LOTS of Daily 5. I do it all morning every day. With a Morning Meeting beforehand.

5. I can’t remember what my fifth one was, so instead I will share this sweet picture of one of my little guys and his EA from the beginning of the year. Love.


Have a great weekend and “Keep it Riel!”

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Today was busy!
This morning we got to do our very first polycom! We chatted with a kinder class in New York about the book “The Valentine Bears” by Eve Bunting. We both shared some writing responses to the book and had a chance to ask them some questions about school where they live! They seemed to love Manitoba when they found out we have Phys Ed 5 times a cycle…Music 3 times a cycle and 3 recesses a day. Haha (A cycle is 6 days)

In the afternoon we worked together on some Valentine activities! First we did our Valentines Word Scramble. The kids used the letters in Valentines to make as many new words as they could.


Here is a pic of the Valentine Houses we made to hold our valentines. Super easy. Brown envelope cut into a house shape. The back triangle is folded down to make a  pocket.


We also had some fun playing Valentines Bingo! You can find it for free in my TPT shop.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

This is how I feel most days…

This video is hilarious…. A girl was asked to teach her little sister math. The kids talk and the adults act.

Exactly how I feel most days. lol

Take a peek! I’ll be back tomorrow for Valentine’s fun!

Monday, 11 February 2013

This and That

This post is about art, math and Valentines.
I posted earlier about my kids work on Plasticine Portraits in Art. This awesome idea comes from my student teaching days! I had a fabulous Co-operating Teacher Kim who taught me TONS and these are her cute idea!

 We have been learning about the 5 Senses in Theme so it tied in nicely. They are the cutest things ever. They make me laugh every time I look at them because if you knew my kids, they actually look like them!

We worked in layers and body parts.
1. Make a background
2. Mix skin colour. Keep 4 small balls to make the nose, ears and neck. Rest is for the head.
3. Make head, ears, neck and nose. Make eyebrows if you want.
4. Make eyes. (Eye ball, Iris and Pupil)
5. Make teeth and lips
6. Make hair

Here are some pics from the first few steps and then some pics of the final products!

photo (60)
This one is me!
photo (57)photo (58)photo (59)photo (63)photo (65)

In Math, we have been working on skip counting by 5’s and using strategies to solve number sentences. Here is a little poster we made to help us remember skip counting by 5’s.

photo (62)

My kids also worked on another QR code scavenger hunt! This time in Math! I made 10 different QR codes and taped them in our hallway. The kids went around with a whiteboard, Ipad and a partner and recorded the answers from each QR code. There was 10 in all. Some had number sentences behind them and some had tally mark sequences. This was a great activity to get my kids used to using QR codes and working the Ipad.

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