Tuesday, 22 January 2013

5 Senses Craftivity

One of our clusters in Science is The Senses. A couple years ago I found this cute idea on somebody elses blog and then adapted it for my needs. So if this activity looks familiar and this was your original idea…please send me an email!! I will give you credit! I am not the idea maker on this one!

I do not do many crafts throughout the year. This is one of my only ones. So I hope you can use it! We started off by reading a book all about the 5 senses and what they were and how they help. We then did a little labelling on an anchor chart.

This project took many steps and a few days. ( If you have read my previous posts you will know my classrooms Achilles heel this year is cutting and gluing)

Here are our first steps written out, demonstrated, modelled, read over and re-modelled.

photo (56)

(See the arrow beside #4? It’s imperative that you check with me before any gluing occurs due to our lack of gluing skills)

There were more steps after #4 but this was all we could handle for one day. The next day we completed the rest of the steps:
5. Glue down the title “My five senses”
6. Cut out hair and glue it down.
7. Glue down 5 senses words near the body part involved (taste by mouth etc)
8. Glue down googly eyes.
9. Use a black marker to draw lines to the body part to label your person.

photo (55)
photo (54)

I’ve included the labelling words as well as a template for the t-shirt, head and arms! (Note: the head and arms were hand drawn by me. They are not to scale. lol)
Please email me for a copy! I am currently on Maternity Leave and will not be emailing out any free items. Thanks for understanding. 


  1. Would love this template, but it won't let me download it! Could you email it to me?! krystalranda@gmail.com


  2. Hi, I would love this template you used! My Kindergartner's would love this!

    1. Send me an email Lauren!


  3. I would like this please. kristin.johnson@sumnerschools.org


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