Monday, 28 January 2013

It’s finally up!

My Smart board that is!! It has been sitting in a box in my room since the beginning of October and someone from the division FINALLY had a whole 2 hours to swing by and put it up for me. (lol) was  that fast, I would have done it myself if I knew how!

I had a Mimio for 2 years in my previous division and got pretty good at it and had taken tons of PD on it.

This thing in my room now I know nothing about. A little embarrassed to say…not to sure how it turns on. Haha.

So please send me your best ideas and tips for using the thing! I have a PD on the 4th on it and I would like to sound somewhat knowledgeable before I attend.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Anyone ever heard of it or used it? It’s a site which lets you create a talking character in your own voice! You can customize it however you want and upload it to blogs, websites etc!

I used one to introduce my next theme lesson in Science.
The only downfall I’ve noticed so far is that you can only create 60 sec messages. I would love to have some more time to talk. I think my kiddos are going to get a kick out of this.

I hope my voice doesn’t sound like that all the time!

Click {HERE} to check it out for yourself!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

5 Senses Craftivity

One of our clusters in Science is The Senses. A couple years ago I found this cute idea on somebody elses blog and then adapted it for my needs. So if this activity looks familiar and this was your original idea…please send me an email!! I will give you credit! I am not the idea maker on this one!

I do not do many crafts throughout the year. This is one of my only ones. So I hope you can use it! We started off by reading a book all about the 5 senses and what they were and how they help. We then did a little labelling on an anchor chart.

This project took many steps and a few days. ( If you have read my previous posts you will know my classrooms Achilles heel this year is cutting and gluing)

Here are our first steps written out, demonstrated, modelled, read over and re-modelled.

photo (56)

(See the arrow beside #4? It’s imperative that you check with me before any gluing occurs due to our lack of gluing skills)

There were more steps after #4 but this was all we could handle for one day. The next day we completed the rest of the steps:
5. Glue down the title “My five senses”
6. Cut out hair and glue it down.
7. Glue down 5 senses words near the body part involved (taste by mouth etc)
8. Glue down googly eyes.
9. Use a black marker to draw lines to the body part to label your person.

photo (55)
photo (54)

I’ve included the labelling words as well as a template for the t-shirt, head and arms! (Note: the head and arms were hand drawn by me. They are not to scale. lol)
Please email me for a copy! I am currently on Maternity Leave and will not be emailing out any free items. Thanks for understanding. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Ideas and tips for Math Daily 5!

So I have been neglecting my blog lately. It’s hard to get back into it after Winter Break. We are in a cold spell right now. This morning it was  –41 with the windchill!! (celsius people) Still we went to school! It’s been this kind of weather for the past 2 weeks.

So here are some tips and ideas for you to incorporate into your math program this cold winter season! Whether it be Daily 5 math, math stations or whatever!
I love to make number puzzles. I buy the foam cut outs from the dollar store and make puzzles based on what we are working on. Super cheap and easy. Tip: Make sure you write on them with a permanent marker (Ex Sharpie) I didn’t on one of the first ones I ever made and every time a kid used it they came back with smudgy black hands. No fun.

Here’s an example of my latest one:
The great thing about them is you can cut them into however many pieces you want to differentiate the difficulty!

Another tip which I discovered myself this year after trial and error has to do with decks of playing cards. All my kiddos have their own deck of playing cards in their math tool bag. They take them out when they still have time left in Math Daily 5 but are done a job.

My kids last year were awesome with them and took excellent care of them. With that being said..I would still find random cards on the carpet from kids who forgot to pick them all up. GRR. It would take 15 minutes to figure out who was sitting there and who this card might belong to. Fast forward to this year and the new crew who are constantly forgetting supplies.

In comes labelling! I had all my kids first sort their cards and make sure they had every card in their deck. I then gave everyone a sharpie and a certain letter of the alphabet. They wrote that letter in their neatest grade one printing on the back of every card in their deck. Voila!


Now if I find a card lying on the carpet, I check the letter and call it out!  The turkey who forgot it runs over and I give them my spiel about taking care of materials, the math bag is a privilege, blah blah blah. Yay! Less stress on me. :)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Pete the Cat

So in a short post today, I am going to talk about Pete. My kids love Pete. I love Pete. His book is now tattered and taped up because he is so well loved. He is always the first pick in listen to reading and gets many a face time.
Today we started our class book about Pete. We read about Pete, listened and sang with Pete and then thought about what would happened if we stepped in a pile of something.

Here are some of our first pages.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Currently in Daily 5, Math Daily 5 and Writing

I’ve noticed that I seem to post more about math than anything else on here.  So I am going to try to spread it around today!

Daily 5

Here is a word work idea that my kids have been working on in Daily 5.

It is called Bead and Record.
Students string letter beads on pipe cleaners and then record! Easy Peasy. My kids use their own personal words that they are working on from Tyner. It is a mixture of sight words and word sorting cards. Everyone has their own personal set of words that are just right for them in their word work notebook.


Math Daily 5

Here are some activities my kiddos are working on in Math Daily 5.

Teddy Bear Toss. Students shake the teddy bears in the cup….toss them on the table and then check to see how many landed face up and how many landed face down! They then record a number sentence to match! The best thing about it is you can change how many bears are in the cup to differentiate it!



We worked on some goals for ourselves for 2013. Here is the finished product!
Ignore the ugly bulletin board. I couldn’t be bothered making this one look all fancy and nice. String it is.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Emptying the Camera

I went through the class camera tonight and found a whole bunch of pics I had forgot to post about! So here they are!

The week before winter break, we worked on our snowman names. We counted vowels and consonants and created these cute snowman.


Email me for the recording page!

We also had a chance to work on the new school set of ipads before break!
So much fun!


I had been saving my scholastic points to get an ipad  for the class…but they don’t have it this year in the bonus rewards catalogue! Darn!

Here are some pics of my newest Winter Bingo set in use! We played at our class party the day before break!


I cut out the pictures and glued them on index cards with words to use as the caller cards.

Download it for FREE from my TPT store.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Years!

I had a wonderful winter break but it went by too fast I just got back from Cuba yesterday and am not looking forward to having to get up early and go back to work! Just 48 hours ago I was sitting on the beach drinking Pina Coladas….today I was grocery shopping, doing laundry, taking down the Christmas tree and decorations we left up and planning. UGH.

Back to the grind! This week will be full of re-demonstrating and re-modeling everything we have forgotten over the break.

Here is a foldable I created to use with my class this week as we discuss some goals for the new year. Goal setting is a big part of the curriculum and students spend lots of time creating personal goals and self assessing.


Hope you have a smooth week!
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