Sunday, 15 December 2013

Five for Fri… (Sunday)

Few days behind….oh well!


Here are 5 things from the week:

1. Winter Family Gifts
I shared this earlier this week, but my kiddos made these beautiful art pieces for their family gifts!

photo 4 (59)

2. Stained Glass
We worked on our stained glass this week! I love how these always turn out great! Thanks Mrs. Sawers for the great idea! Click {HERE} to find the instructions from an earlier post.

photo 3 (72)photo 4 (60)

3. +1 Battle
In Math Daily 5, we played Battle +1.  Like normal war…..but now you need to add 1 to the card you turn over! You have to read your number sentence and compare!

photo 1 (84)

4. Family Greeting Card
Taking a photo with a cat and kitten is hard work! They won’t sit still! After about 400 takes…we finally got one that wasn’t too bad.

Here are some of the bloopers!


Grr..but he is pretty darn cute! Where was this pose when we were doing our Christmas cards!!??!

That is the gift from my Secret Santa that he stole. An ornament that is now a cat toy.

photo 5 (50)

Have a great last week!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Winter Trees……Art and Technology

I got this wonderful idea over at Mrs.T’s First Grade Class. They found it from Artsonia. Thanks Mrs.T!

First we worked on some collage winter trees. All pieces were cut and glued by the kids! No tracing or templates!

photo 5 (47) - Copyphoto 1 (81) - Copyphoto 2 (84) - Copyphoto 3 (69) - Copyphoto 4 (57) - Copyphoto 1 (82) - Copyphoto 2 (85) - Copyphoto 3 (70) - Copyphoto 4 (58) - Copy

When we were done the collage….I went back and took a photo of each picture with the Ipad. We then used an app called Percolator to help turn it into this!

photo 1 (83) - Copyphoto 2 (86) - Copyphoto 5 (48)

It is a photo app which has tons of different variations on the bubbly look. I printed off these photos and we added them into frames!

photo 3 (71) - Copyphoto 5 (49)

We are going to wrap these up and use them as gifts for our family!
7 more days till Winter Break!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Beginning Sound Bingo and Math Daily 5 Ideas

Hello folks,
I finally found some time to share a bunch of photos! I finished my report cards and just have a bit of editing to do, so I am taking a break and blogging about things going on in our room!

First up, Math Daily 5. Here are pics and ideas of what we have been working on. Right now my kids are choosing from Math by Myself, Math with Someone and Math Writing.
 photo 1 (77)

Math by Myself Activities

Number Puzzles: I have shared about these before. I keep this bin running almost all year and switch out the puzzles based on different concepts. I use lots of foam pieces to make my puzzles, but also make ones with any quick materials I can find. (index cards and dots!) I have also grabbed a few free puzzles off of other bloggers!

Counting Caterpillar

Practice counting forwards and backwards on the caterpillar.  (Ignore the wood on the table….haha)

photo 4 (56)

Bears +1

Have 1 red bear sitting in the tray. (your +1) Roll the die and add that many more bears to the tray. Fill in the ten frame to match and record the number sentence.

photo 2 (83)

Number Puzzles

Matching numbers to ten frames, dot pictures and words.

photo 5 (46)

Math with Someone Activities

Clear the Board

Practicing counting on with dice. Place 10 counters each on the game board. Roll the dice, add the dots together and remove a counter if you have one under that number. First one to clear the board wins!

photo (42)

One Less

Roll the die. Find the number that is 1 less. Read the math talk card and place a counter on that number. First person to get 5 in a row wins.

I have also added some quick bingo activities in my guided reading groups for their word work section. This 1 is for my emergent readers who are still working on identifying capitals and lowercase and beginning sounds. The bingo cards are set up based on Beverly Tyner’s Scope and Sequence.
photo 1 (79)photo 2 (82)

Teacher can call out words that begin with those sounds and students put a counter on the beginning sound. Teachers can also call out capitals or lowercase letters and students have to find them.

There are 4 different bingo cards for each set of letters. Please email me if you would like a set.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Line/Dot/Circle Family Art

Last week we worked on some Art that focused on using lines, dots and circles. We used them in a project incorporating, drawing, painting and collaborating.

I adapted a sheet from Mona Brooks “Drawing with Children” where she talks about The 5 Elements of Shape and introduces the Dot and Circle Family and the Line Family.

I introduced each of the families to the kids and we discussed what characteristics they had and how they were different from the other families. We then practiced doodling and using them freely in our notebooks.

We then moved to our Art project  and I gave each student a blank target shape and talked about the criteria for this project:

1. You need to draw 4 different families
2. Each ring needs to show a different family
3. Each ring needs to be a different colour.

Students drew with black crayon and then we painted with watercolours. Students were marked on whether or not they met the criteria. They also self-assessed themselves in the end based on the 3 established criteria.

photo 2 (77)photo 3 (65)photo 1 (75)

After the painting was dry, I trimmed each one and cut them into 4 equal squares. We then collaborated with other students to help trade and collect new pieces!

Each student had to go and trade 3 of their pieces with 3 new pieces from different friends. So in the end, you had 1 of your original pieces and 3 new ones! We glued them down back in that target shape and then trimmed the edges!

photo 4 (53)
photo 1 (76)

Here are the finished pieces all put up!

photo 2 (79)

Almost every student was able to meet all 3 criteria and those who didn’t honestly self-assessed themselves.

Other things we worked on last week and this week so far….

We added a new activity in Word Work called Build and Record. Pretty simple….you build and record! I raided old scrabble sets at thrift shops and threw out the game board and kept the tiles and racks! Great for building words.

photo 2 (78)

We also have been working on our new class book Pete the Cat! This is one of  my favourite class books to make and is great for those first few months as there isn’t tons of writing students need to add. They can follow the predictable pattern of Pete to figure of what goes where.

photo 3 (66)photo 4 (54)

Have a great week!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tech Talk Thursday

Back for another edition of Tech Talk Thursday!
techtalk button

I’m here to share another awesome FREE App I found called Shadow Puppet.


It creates simple video stories in a matter of minutes. Sooo easy for elementary!
Here’s the lowdown:


Only 3 steps and you are done!!
1. Take some photos and arrange them in the order you want.
2. Record your voice as you click through the photos.
3. Save and share!

This would be an awesome App for storytelling, re-telling a story, how to projects and much more!

You could record yourself telling the directions to a center or activity! With real-life photos! Kids could watch it at the center before they begin.

Here is one I quickly created on our art project. I spent about 2 minutes on it and was making it up as I went! haha

In the end…I got a link to share my video. Make it into a QR code and have kids go around and listen to each others videos! Send the QR codes home!

Here is mine!

Scan the QR code to see my video or click on the link to go visit!


You will love the simplicity of this App! But don’t take my word for it! (Reading Rainbow reference anyone???haha)

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