Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pinterest Party and helping the birds

Almost done report cards! Yay! That pretty much consumed my weekend. But I did manage to squeeze in some crafting and fun times. A few friends came over Friday night for a Pinterest Party! Rules: Make and bring 1 food you pinned on Pinterest and bring the materials to make 1 DIY project!

Here is a few photos from the night!

photo (46)photo (47)photo (48)photo (49)photo (50)

In Science, we have been talking about Daily and Seasonal Changes. We worked together as a class to create birdfeeders in order to help a bird find food in winter!

Click {HERE} to go find the recipe I used!

Note: I did have to double the wet stuff as I found there was too much birdseed in the end and it wasn’t sticking together. They were also a little crumbly when they dried, but the kids love them!

IMG_0164 - CopyIMG_0167 - CopyIMG_0168IMG_0169 - Copy
IMG_5570 - CopyIMG_5571 - CopyIMG_5575 - CopyIMG_5577 - Copy
IMG_5579 - CopyIMG_5582IMG_5584

Throughout this project we did some writing about the materials needed, the steps to build them and why we were making them!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love your design project idea!! I have such a hard time figuring out ways to incorporate inquiry and the design process in grade one... Are you doing the new report cards this year? We're not yet. Next year! Eek!

    Happy Holidays!
    First Grade Garden

    1. Thanks Amanda! With the new report card I had to squeeze in some inquiry and design process before I wrote them! Yes we are doing the new report cards's not too bad! The birdfeeders weren't exactly design process as we all made the same thing but we did do some of the design process outcomes! They turned out super cute!

      2 more weeks!!

  2. I love the bird feeders! AND I so want to have a Pinterest party too!! So jealous. The ornaments--did that have paint poured in it? I would like to make something like that for my students.

    Also I nominated you for an award, so come over and get it!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

    1. Yes the ornaments were the ones were your pour acrylic paint in them and then swirl it around. From Pinterest of course. lol. Thanks for the awardf Kelli! Ill hop on over and check it out!

  3. The Pinterest party is an awesome idea! I really love your bird feeders too. I'm pinning those. Thanks.Barbara
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs


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