Saturday, 1 December 2012

Math Game

Here’s a new Math with Someone game that my kids are playing right now. I’m sure lots of people are already playing !

It’s called Clear the Board.
You can play where each person has their own game board or they both play on the same one. My kids are playing on one game board in order to save cardstock. (haha)

1 game board (or 2)
(I taped the 2 pieces of the board together on the back)
10 game pieces each
2 dice

Students place all their game pieces on the board. They can put them above any number.
Students take turns rolling both dice and adding them up. They check the game board to see if they have a piece above that number. If they do, they get to remove it off the game board. First person to clear the board wins!

photo (42)

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