Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday

Hey folks,
We have our winter concert tomorrow night so I won’t be posting! So here are my thoughts in pics for tomorrow…..today.

photo (34)photo (35)photo (51)

3 more days!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Stained Glass

I haven’t posted in awhile! Tons of stuff going on at school and at home!
I wanted to share a project that we have been working on.

This is (pretend) Stained Glass!
I do this every year around this time and every single one turns out great.
So easy, yet they look awesome!

Tin foil
Saran Wrap
A stained glass pattern


Step 1: Stretch the saran wrap tight on the table and tape it down.


Step 2: Slide a stained glass pattern under the saran wrap and tape it down to the table.


Step 3: Colour in the pattern on the saran wrap with sharpies. When done colouring…outline in black sharpie.


Step 4: Scrunch up tinfoil, unravel and cover a paper plate with it.


Step 5: Slide the plate under the saran wrap.


Step 6: Take the saran wrap off the table and wrap it around the plate, adding extra tape as you go to tighten it around the plate.



Yay! I love making these every year!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pinterest Party and helping the birds

Almost done report cards! Yay! That pretty much consumed my weekend. But I did manage to squeeze in some crafting and fun times. A few friends came over Friday night for a Pinterest Party! Rules: Make and bring 1 food you pinned on Pinterest and bring the materials to make 1 DIY project!

Here is a few photos from the night!

photo (46)photo (47)photo (48)photo (49)photo (50)

In Science, we have been talking about Daily and Seasonal Changes. We worked together as a class to create birdfeeders in order to help a bird find food in winter!

Click {HERE} to go find the recipe I used!

Note: I did have to double the wet stuff as I found there was too much birdseed in the end and it wasn’t sticking together. They were also a little crumbly when they dried, but the kids love them!

IMG_0164 - CopyIMG_0167 - CopyIMG_0168IMG_0169 - Copy
IMG_5570 - CopyIMG_5571 - CopyIMG_5575 - CopyIMG_5577 - Copy
IMG_5579 - CopyIMG_5582IMG_5584

Throughout this project we did some writing about the materials needed, the steps to build them and why we were making them!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Math Game

Here’s a new Math with Someone game that my kids are playing right now. I’m sure lots of people are already playing !

It’s called Clear the Board.
You can play where each person has their own game board or they both play on the same one. My kids are playing on one game board in order to save cardstock. (haha)

1 game board (or 2)
(I taped the 2 pieces of the board together on the back)
10 game pieces each
2 dice

Students place all their game pieces on the board. They can put them above any number.
Students take turns rolling both dice and adding them up. They check the game board to see if they have a piece above that number. If they do, they get to remove it off the game board. First person to clear the board wins!

photo (42)

Go to my TPT store to download the game board for free!

Also check out my Morning Message board! I’ve posted new messages!

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