Thursday, 8 November 2012

Remembrance Day

Today we had our Remembrance Day Assembly. We have been reading books about Remembrance day, having discussions about the brave soldiers and why we wear a poppy for them.
One of the stories we read was “Can You Say Peace?” by Karen Katz.
photo (24)
The story talks about children in different parts of the world and how we all want the same thing. Each child tells how to say “Peace” in their language. We wrote down a few from the book and then recorded them on paper strips for our Poppy Collage Bulletin board.
I drew a poppy for the class and then cut it up into pieces.
photo (28)
Each pair of students got a piece of the poppy. We first spent time looking through magazines and cutting out any red we could find.
photo (26)photo (27)
Then we used our red magazine, tissue paper and construction paper pieces to create a collage.
photo (29)photo (30)
Here is the finished product complete with our words of peace! (sorry for the yucky pictures….I took them with my phone)
photo (22)
and the new addition to our room…
photo (23)
Take some time to remember on November 11th!


  1. I have that book, too! I'm pinning your poppy display. Thanks!

    Grade ONEderful
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  2. I love your poppy collage. It looks great. I also have the Peace book - we all must have got it from Scholastic at the same time!

    rubberboots and elf shoes

    1. Thanks Sandi! We probably did all get it from Scholastic!

  3. I love the poppy college Renee! What a great activity that also builds community! I want to take a look at that book!

  4. Great ideas, will be adding these to my Remembrance Day repertoire for next year.


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