Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Line Art and HWT helper

A couple weeks ago, my fellow colleagues and I  discussed the new provincial report card that is coming out where I live. We looked at the art section and one thing that we now have to report on is Analysis and Communication. One of the grade 3 teachers suggested using criteria in Art in order to meet this piece. While I love criteria and setting expectations with my kids (Daily 5, Daily 5 math, Morning Meeting, etc) I’m not so sure I would love it in Art. My kiddos can’t use white glue much less follow criteria for creating an art piece.

I decided to start simple and try it out. In comes Line Art.

line art (2)
We talked about the different kinds of lines we see in the environment and then practiced taking our lines for a walk and drawing them from one end of our notebooks to the other. We then took 11 x 17 sheets of white paper and choose 3-5 different kinds of lines to draw.

Criteria # 1: Draw 3-5 different lines

Criteria #2: The lines need to go from one end of the paper to the other.

We then took out our paintbrushes and practiced using a paintbrush without water or paint. Back and forth….Back and Forth…..Back and Forth….I sounded like the Mom from I Love you Forever by Robert Munsch…HAHA (anyone?)

Then we were ready to actually PICK UP the paint with our brush. 

Which leads us into criteria 3.

Criteria #3: Paint each section a different colour.

Criteria #4: No white spaces

and VOILA! Line Art!

Did I love the process? No. Was I a little stressed? Yes. Could you hear me repeating again and again “Are you following the criteria?” as someone is painting blobs over multiple sections…Yes

Did my kids learn about criteria setting, self reflection and analysis of their work? YES!

After we finished, we reflected on our work and checked whether or not we followed the criteria.
Students were able to critically look at their work and make decisions about how they did. I had a few students give themselves 1 out of 4. And they were right.  Simple yet powerful for these students to see.


How do you think these kids did?

line art
Click {HERE} for the criteria to try this project out!

Now onto my new HWT Helper!

I was super excited to find this in my mailbox at school last week!

Its called the Double Line Writer and it helps you write your own double lines on whiteboards, easel paper etc!
It’s from Handwriting without Tears and fits with their Double Line Paper.

You can fit markers into it and make your double lines as wide as needed.

You can also turn it over and fit pencils or skinny markers into it!

No more wonky wavy lines! No more diagonal lines!

Okay so it’s a little wavy…but this was written after doing Walking School Bus in the pouring rain and coming back to work in my classroom with soaking wet pants and wet hair until 6:00.

Be kind.
Click {HERE} to go grab one of your own!

Note: I am in no way endorsed or affiliated with Handwriting Without Tears. Just a lover of all things to make me look more talented than I am. And they have lots.

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