Thursday, 20 September 2012

Math by Myself

Hey folks,
Today was our 3rd day building stamina in Daily 5 Math and we are up to 9 minutes in Math by Myself. We made an I chart of all things the students and teachers would be doing in Math by Myself.
Math by Myself:
Quiet voices
Stay in 1 spot
Work on math the whole time
Work on stamina
Get started right away
Bubble Space
I introduced math bags which were empty and we talked about how to take care of the bags and the materials in them. I also introduced this first pieces we would be adding to the bag: whiteboard (page protector), eraser (kleenex), marker, dice.
Again I modeled and demonstrated how to use the whiteboard marker, how to fold the kleenex and use it to erase, how to erase the whiteboard and how to put everything back into the bag with nothing getting crunched. Students had a chance to demonstrate and notice what they did to take care of their materials.
I usually start with a very simple math by myself game. We played Dice Roll and Record with dice pictures and with numbers.
dice 2dice roll

Email me if you would like a copy!


  1. I like how you use the page protectors! Always a good idea to save paper. I keep meaning to pop up to Walmart or Staples and grab some :) Maybe this weekend.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. Thanks Barbara! I try to use the least amount of paper I can. In all things! :)


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