Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Leaves, Calendar and Crayons

This is a scrambled post so I  will let pictures do most of the talking.
First Leaves:
We went on a walk to a nearby forest and collected leaves! We were super lucky to get to bring a class set of cameras with us so every partner had a camera to share and take pictures with! It was so great to go through them after and see their viewpoint and what was important to them. And let me tell you………their pictures are AMAZING!!! I couldn’t believe it!
Here are some I took on our trip:
september 26, 2012 007september 26, 2012 010september 26, 2012 016
After we collected them, we came back and sorted our leaves by:
september 26, 2012 030
september 26, 2012 033
Shape (EEK! I forgot to take a picture of this one…but you get the drift)
We then picked 5 of our best leaves and sticky tacked them down to our papers.
september 26, 2012 035
Then we sprayed!! I put tempera paint into spray bottles with a little bit of water and spread out paper on the ground. We sprayed our leaves with brown, orange, yellow and red.
september 26, 2012 037september 26, 2012 041
Once it was dry, we took off the leaves.
september 26, 2012 042september 26, 2012 043september 26, 2012 045september 26, 2012 046september 26, 2012 047
They didn’t turn out exactly as I was expecting but ah well!
Ok..second is Calendar
I wrote in a previous post about how I was changing up my calendar and not doing a “routine.” It’s not exactly pretty but I’m not minding it.
september 26, 2012 001
I made 12 of these. One for each month and then hole punched them and hung them up with rings and tacks. I used label dots to write the numbers on and them stuck them on, so hopefully I can take them off at the end of the year and re-use the calendar again.
Today we added some special events to our calendar with sticky notes. We talked about when things had happened and what day we might put the sticky note. We also noticed that 2 students birthdays were on the same day of the week!
september 26, 2012 048
I was a little late on getting the calendar ready so we kinda missed September events. Oh well!
Last but not least: Crayons
They finally arrived after being back ordered with the pencil crayons. We sorted them and then put them in these tiny sterlite bins. They fit perfectly as the colour cups I use for pencil crayons and markers were too big for the crayons.
september 26, 2012 050september 26, 2012 051
Phew. That was a long post…with tons of pictures.


  1. Oh my goodness!! Those tree photos are beautiful! Love the leaf art, too.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. I know!! The kids did an awesome job with the cameras!

  2. LOVE those pictures of leaves!! So beautiful.

    How are math journals going???

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  3. Math journals are going good! Most of our time has been spent talking about how to take care of them, open and close them, how to glue without gluing our pages together lol etc. But they are going!


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