Thursday, 27 September 2012

Daily 5

My kids are almost at 20 minutes in Read to Self! Yay! I still have a few who are having trouble building stamina, but they will be the kiddos who will sit closer to me during Daily 5 so I can check on them and keep them focused. When I have a child who is having trouble staying focused, I often have them join me at my guided reading table while I am taking a small group. I can manage and support them with minimal effort while also teaching my guided reading group. Those are also the kiddos who tend to need more support in other areas of literacy so I will be meeting with them more often anyways, which cuts down on the amount of independent practice time they need to sustain.

Here is our Read to Self Poster:

september 26, 2012 049

We also started Work on Writing a few days ago and we are up to 6 minutes. I always find this one the hardest. Most of my students have no letter/sound correlation and a few can’t identify all their letters. This makes it difficult for them during this time. I model what good writers do in these very first few days to make sure all of us feel like writers!!

Good Writers:

Think, Draw, Write.

We will later add in label, add details etc. But this has been able to get them started for now! The only thing is I have a few who will draw the whole time. I don’t want to take the drawing piece away as I feel it is important for young writers, but how do I get them to move to the writing piece without telling them directly?

Hmm…I was thinking of maybe getting some sand timers with a longer time span such as 5 minutes. They take a timer with them, flip it over and they have 5 minutes to draw. When the sand timer is up, you must get started on writing. When you are done writing you can always go back and add details to the picture you didn’t get to finish.

How is everybody else running Work on Writing? This is my 4th year with Daily 5 and I have changed the writing every year!

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