Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reading Buddies, Owls and Piggie

Hello Everyone!

So I was at Superstore yesterday and was browsing in the kids section and found stuffed animals for $1. ONE DOLLAR PEOPLE!! Big Ones!! I found cute owls for my reading corner, some little reading book buddies for Daily 5 and a cute piggie. ALL $1. I could have bought more but I restrained myself. (All my Canadian peeps need to go!)

Look at how cute they are!

I bought all the owls they had. lol

Some were $9.99!
I was thinking with the pig I could create a little journal for him and send him home with my kiddos for a night. Does he not look like Piggie from Gerald and Piggie?? I could send home some Mo Willems books with Piggie too!

(Thought you needed a split screen to get the picture)

Anyone send home stuffed animals with books?


  1. When I taught Grade 3, we did something similar, but without a book! First I had a snowman that I sent home until a student from another class DESTROYED him in front of my students. It was so traumatic. Then I bought this really cute husky dog we named Cedric and the kids loved taking him home each night and writing about what they did with him. I love the idea of adding a book. Going to keep that in mind if I ever get back to primary!

    1. Poor Snowman! Thansk for reading my blog lish!!.....YOu do need to get back to primary!


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