Monday, 27 August 2012


Happy Monday!

Today was my first day back at school to get everything ready for my kids next week. I was so surprised to find 2 gifts from fellow colleagues waiting for me!! (They must have shopped together) Ms.Stewart noticed my love of decals and owls and found these cute guys for me at the dollar store! I love the colours of them!

My fabulous music teacher Mrs.Poulin over at Stay Tuned left me this adorable owl and sweet thank you card! So nice to come back to gifts!!

Now onto some Freebies!!!!!

WARNING! This next part may leave you feeling bewildered.
I have a confession.
I don’t do Calendar.
Put down your rocks grade 1 teachers and hear me out!!!
I have done away with it in hopes of using that time more efficiently and for more authentic tasks. I feel I cover a lot of the concepts covered in calendar in other areas of my curriculum and I really don’t have time to squeeze in calendar every day. I admit though….I do love to hear my kiddos do calendar and say “ Let’s say it together!” in their oh so confident voice. I will miss that. However, I am excited about some new adventures with interactive notebooks, math technology and independent learning! I will still have a calendar up and have students mark the day and count the days we have been in school. It will however be used as a reference board.

With that being said…to replace some of the pieces I had on my calendar board, I made some new days of the week and months of the year cards to go on the new reference board! I couldn’t decide on a colour palette I liked best so I made 3. Haha. Email me if you would like a copy!



  1. I'm with you for the calendar thing! I felt it was taking wayyyyy to much time in my day, and I noticed that didn't do it much in England and Australia and they were coping fine.

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

    1. Thanks Kelli! It seems like a lot of people have a BIG calendar time. I can account for a lot of the calendar skills elsewhere in my curriculum so I am ok with not doing it!

  2. We were just talking about calendar at the math workshop I was at today! We talked about how we could make the tasks more authentic and engaging.


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