Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ordering Numbers

I had someone comment on one of my Daily 5 Math posts asking if I had any activities on ordering numbers. I have a few and while they aren't fancy...they work for me. In the beginning of last year I had a few students who still needed support in ordering and recognizing numbers to 10 and numbers to 20.  I made a Math by Myself activity for Daily 5 that incorporated ordering numbers, recording numbers and recording numbers in words.

I took 3 x 5 index cards and cut them in half. On one side I wrote the number and on the opposite side I wrote the number in words. In the beginning I included 10-20 numbers in the range to order. Depending on the level of your students you could take as many numbers as they need to work on. So if students were having trouble ordering numbers after 50. You could make ordering cards for the numbers 51-73.

Students take the cards out the bag and make sure they are all facing up. They then work to put the numbers in order, starting with the smallest. Later on in the year, I don't give them the range they have to order. They have to lay out their cards and look for the smallest number and start there.
Sorry I couldn't get it to turn!
After students order their cards, they record the number, turn it over and record the number word.

I have also used number flash cards that I had lying around. Another activity I do is Backwards Number Sort. Students again take a bag filled with a range of numbers that are just right for them. We use the mini pocket stands (target dollar area) to sort out number cards in order backwards. Again, students need to find the biggest number and then go backwards.

Happy Mathing!

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