Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Junk Drawer

This post is full of random stuff that doesn’t quite fit together. Kind of like a junk drawer. Random things thrown together because they don’t really have a place of their own.
I remembered to take some pictures of some things in my class today. It pretty much looks the same as last year, so when it’s done I’ll take a few more pics of some areas I don’t already have on my Classroom Pictures page.

I got tons of labelling done today. Names on book bins, math bags, take home folders, daily 5 chart and supply bins. 

I got rid of my teacher desk this summer so I needed to find another place to store all the office supply kind of stuff I did have there. I did use these bins for Daily 5 Writing last year but I’m changing that around.

Here it is complete with new labels. I like this white on black. I might use it for other stuff.

Another thing I did today was make the “Birthday Bags” that have been floating around Pinterest. Mine are in no way as fancy as others but it works. Hopefully now I won’t forget any birthdays, like I did last year. 3 in fact. And 1 girl was so sweet she didn’t even remind me!! I realized a good 3 weeks later. (Oops)

Here is the page I made for the cover.

And here they are stapled on and tacked to the wall. Inside I put a birthday certificate, bookmark, little book of stickers, pencil and an eraser.

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