Thursday, 30 August 2012

My First Giveaway

Hi folks

Well I am here to post about my first giveaway!! I am a little scared that no one will enter…so please please please do. If only to save me face!

It is a super simple giveaway. All you have to do is become a follower! This will let me know who all is reading this silly blog and if I am talking to myself or not (as I often feel on most days.) So become a follower and leave a comment saying that you follow me with your name and email! That’s it! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. If you are already a follower…..then just leave a comment saying that you are!

So now onto what the giveaway is all about. This year I decided to make my own agenda cards for my classroom to let my kiddos know what our day was going to be like. I could never find ones that fit my schedule from the stores and was often writing things in between them with dry erase markers for the stuff I was missing!

Well I am now offering to make YOU your very own set for your classroom! I will tailor them to fit your needs and email them to you ready to go! The winners will get to choose every agenda card and subject they need and want and I will whip them up for you!!

Here is a sample of the font and graphics I will use! (Note: This is just an example of the ones I made for my class. You can decide whatever wording and cards you would like!)

agenda cards

(Sorry about the awful picture…I took it with my phone…I swear they look better in person!!!!!)

The giveaway will run for 1 week!! If you are a follower of mine and have a blog of your own, please post about it!! The more the merrier!


Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Junk Drawer

This post is full of random stuff that doesn’t quite fit together. Kind of like a junk drawer. Random things thrown together because they don’t really have a place of their own.
I remembered to take some pictures of some things in my class today. It pretty much looks the same as last year, so when it’s done I’ll take a few more pics of some areas I don’t already have on my Classroom Pictures page.

I got tons of labelling done today. Names on book bins, math bags, take home folders, daily 5 chart and supply bins. 

I got rid of my teacher desk this summer so I needed to find another place to store all the office supply kind of stuff I did have there. I did use these bins for Daily 5 Writing last year but I’m changing that around.

Here it is complete with new labels. I like this white on black. I might use it for other stuff.

Another thing I did today was make the “Birthday Bags” that have been floating around Pinterest. Mine are in no way as fancy as others but it works. Hopefully now I won’t forget any birthdays, like I did last year. 3 in fact. And 1 girl was so sweet she didn’t even remind me!! I realized a good 3 weeks later. (Oops)

Here is the page I made for the cover.

And here they are stapled on and tacked to the wall. Inside I put a birthday certificate, bookmark, little book of stickers, pencil and an eraser.

Monday, 27 August 2012


Happy Monday!

Today was my first day back at school to get everything ready for my kids next week. I was so surprised to find 2 gifts from fellow colleagues waiting for me!! (They must have shopped together) Ms.Stewart noticed my love of decals and owls and found these cute guys for me at the dollar store! I love the colours of them!

My fabulous music teacher Mrs.Poulin over at Stay Tuned left me this adorable owl and sweet thank you card! So nice to come back to gifts!!

Now onto some Freebies!!!!!

WARNING! This next part may leave you feeling bewildered.
I have a confession.
I don’t do Calendar.
Put down your rocks grade 1 teachers and hear me out!!!
I have done away with it in hopes of using that time more efficiently and for more authentic tasks. I feel I cover a lot of the concepts covered in calendar in other areas of my curriculum and I really don’t have time to squeeze in calendar every day. I admit though….I do love to hear my kiddos do calendar and say “ Let’s say it together!” in their oh so confident voice. I will miss that. However, I am excited about some new adventures with interactive notebooks, math technology and independent learning! I will still have a calendar up and have students mark the day and count the days we have been in school. It will however be used as a reference board.

With that being said…to replace some of the pieces I had on my calendar board, I made some new days of the week and months of the year cards to go on the new reference board! I couldn’t decide on a colour palette I liked best so I made 3. Haha. Email me if you would like a copy!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Interactive Notebooks

Hey Everyone!

Just a short post today....

I came across an amazing blog while I was on Pinterest the other day!

 Tales from a Traveling Teacher! I was looking for ideas for interactive notebooks for math for my kiddos. Interactive Notebooks are a collection of the learning that the students has been doing all in one place. Students are able to go back and reference their books for information they might need when doing an activity or task.

Here are some examples from her blog!

I wanted to change up Math Writing in Math Daily 5 and I thought this would be the perfect way to do it!

Kelli from Tales from a Traveling Teacher uses them for Math, Science and Literacy and has a ton of AMAZING ideas and printables for the notebooks! I spent a good chunk of time looking at her old posts and she is a pro at interactive notebooks!! She was so kind and sent me some of her printables to use to get started!!!

Is anybody else doing any journaling or notebooks like this?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Back and ready to DIY

Happy Friday!

I am back from Toronto and had a wonderful time! Here is a pic of me and my BF at the Blue Jays Game!

I am working on a ten frame activity pack which should be up this weekend complete with FREEBIES!

I am also wanting to get started on a million things I've pinned on Pinterest now that my summer program is over! Here are a few that I want to make:

magnetic dice cups
crayon sorting bins
cute lamps for the classroom
There are a million others but I can't find them right now!

What has everyone else been making from Pinterest??

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reading Buddies, Owls and Piggie

Hello Everyone!

So I was at Superstore yesterday and was browsing in the kids section and found stuffed animals for $1. ONE DOLLAR PEOPLE!! Big Ones!! I found cute owls for my reading corner, some little reading book buddies for Daily 5 and a cute piggie. ALL $1. I could have bought more but I restrained myself. (All my Canadian peeps need to go!)

Look at how cute they are!

I bought all the owls they had. lol

Some were $9.99!
I was thinking with the pig I could create a little journal for him and send him home with my kiddos for a night. Does he not look like Piggie from Gerald and Piggie?? I could send home some Mo Willems books with Piggie too!

(Thought you needed a split screen to get the picture)

Anyone send home stuffed animals with books?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ordering Numbers

I had someone comment on one of my Daily 5 Math posts asking if I had any activities on ordering numbers. I have a few and while they aren't fancy...they work for me. In the beginning of last year I had a few students who still needed support in ordering and recognizing numbers to 10 and numbers to 20.  I made a Math by Myself activity for Daily 5 that incorporated ordering numbers, recording numbers and recording numbers in words.

I took 3 x 5 index cards and cut them in half. On one side I wrote the number and on the opposite side I wrote the number in words. In the beginning I included 10-20 numbers in the range to order. Depending on the level of your students you could take as many numbers as they need to work on. So if students were having trouble ordering numbers after 50. You could make ordering cards for the numbers 51-73.

Students take the cards out the bag and make sure they are all facing up. They then work to put the numbers in order, starting with the smallest. Later on in the year, I don't give them the range they have to order. They have to lay out their cards and look for the smallest number and start there.
Sorry I couldn't get it to turn!
After students order their cards, they record the number, turn it over and record the number word.

I have also used number flash cards that I had lying around. Another activity I do is Backwards Number Sort. Students again take a bag filled with a range of numbers that are just right for them. We use the mini pocket stands (target dollar area) to sort out number cards in order backwards. Again, students need to find the biggest number and then go backwards.

Happy Mathing!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Math Number Puzzle

People have been asking about the activity I posted of my Math Number Puzzle on my first post about Math Daily 5.  I remembered to email it to myself when I was at school today.

It's nothing fancy, no cute fonts or cute graphics. Just straight up learning. lol. Lots of people pinned it on pinterest so here it is!

I made 2 versions, one with the number 9 ( more than, less than, same as) and the number 16 (more than, less than, same as). I am not sure why I chose those numbers. I printed the sorting cards on a different colour cardstock than the number sentences. Laminated and cut them out. I use this activity in Math by Myself. Email me if you'd like a copy.

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