Monday, 16 July 2012

Sh, Th, Ch, Wh

The picture isn't that great but they are at the top of my bulletin board

This blogging thing is hard to stay on top of!

I have been going through my classroom and re organizing cupboards and sorting junk I have hoarded. I am at school for 6 weeks running a summer enrichment program. So I might as well get lots done while I have to be there!

These are some posters I use to help my kids remember the digraphs Sh, Th, Wh and Ch. I print each one on a different colour of cardstock and then teach my kids these silly rhymes to help remember.

I got the idea from Teacher Tispter and then changed some to fit my kids.

I made little speech bubbles with the sayings to put beside the poster.

NOTE: In order for these posters to work you have to teach your kids these sayings in a silly voice with lots of expression!!!!

Sh: We say "Sh...the baby is sleeping"

Th: We say " rude!" and really emphasize that you have to stick your tongue between your teeth to make the "th" sound. ( how rude because you are sticking out your tongue!)

Wh: We say "That whale is huge!" ( make your hands go out big)

Ch:  We say " Karate Chop" ( and do a chopping motion with your hands.)

So thats it. Silly and simple and ALL my kids learned these sounds. Even my struggling readers.


  1. Hi, Great bulletin board! Do you have the caterpillar strategy circles available?

    Love your blog!

    1. I do ! I have them in my Teachers notebook shop for sale ! Under $3.00 !


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