Monday, 30 July 2012

Back to School Bonanza and Daily 5 Math Storage

Happy Monday!

It's so great to hear that people are interested in Daily 5 Math. I am by no means an expert but hopefully I can encourage some people to take the leap and get it started! If you are already doing Daily 5 literacy, then it's a breeze. Last week I posted about my kiddos math bags. Now I will share a little about how I store stuff.

I like to keep the activities in sterilite bins and drawers. I put a label on each one so my kids know exactly where to put their materials back. I use them for my word work activities too.

Math with Someone bins. I put a white mailing label with the game name on each bin and then just make a new one when I put in a new game.

I have about 6 of these drawers in a row for Daily 5 Math.  I store each activity or game in a ziploc bag. When a game or activity is out, I make 3 copies of it. So for Math with Someone, there is 3 copies of the game, so 3 pairs of kids can play it. If you go to an activity and its all gone then you choose another. I label it with the name of the activity and what skill the kids are working on when playing it.

Ziploc bag with activity, smaller bag depending on size of activity

Label with name of activity and what the kids are working on when playing it

Foam number puzzle

Activty packed up and ready for the  bins . The "E" means this activity is for everybody
When I am not using the activity, I pack it up in the cupboard with a quick note about the activity and where it goes in Math Daily 5. I also stick its velcro card from the Math Daily 5 chart with it.
Envelope with quick note about activity. Any recording pages needed go in envelope.
Game in ziploc bag with any special materials needed inside another little bag. Label on front.

Velcro Card from board of Math Daily 5 choices

I clip all 3 copies together when ready to be put away

Bins I keep the activites in when not in use. Ignore the ugly taping job.

Cupboard which holds the bins of activities

Hope this helps get people started and thinking about Daily 5 math in their own class!


  1. I am really interested in Daily 5 math. Thanks for sharing how you organize it.I have a 3 questions. lol

    1) How does your math block look like? Do you do whole group with a textbook then your daily 5/small group?

    2) How do you introduce the games, since you switch them out?

    3) Where do you find out your activities.

    I have 2 weeks before school starts and I am try to figure it out so I can start it this year. :)

    1. Hey!

      Hope I can answer your questions!

      1. I do 10-15 minutes whole group. This is where I teach a quick mini-lesson, do Number Talks or demonstrate a new activity or game. Then we do 1 15 minute round of Daily 5 . Then a quick energizer. Then a 2nd 15 minute round. Then a little re-grouping and quick sharing. So in total around an hour.

      2. I introduce most games and activites whole group during that 15 minute before the rounds. Some activites I intro during small groups if its more trickier and some will need a chance to play before i put it out.

      3. Lots of activites I make, I get from other teacher blogs, I find on the internet or in math game/activity books I have.

      Hope this helps!! Good Luck!


    2. also...I don't have a textbook or anything like that. I have a curriculum which states the outcomes I need to teach my kids and I can plan to teach that however I want. Check out Number Talks by Sherry Parish. They are great!

  2. I am so impressed with this. This post is why I love blogging. It helps refocus my brain on trying to gain more wisdom not followers! We do lots of active learning, but I don't have it as well organized in my own mind as you. I'm so excited with all the ideas you've generated for me!! Thank you!
    Owl Things First

    1. Thanks Jenny! It's great to know people are getting something from my posts! I just read your post on CD! I am going to go look for the book!

  3. Hi. I love all your ideas!!! I was wondering if you had a copy of all your label cards for sale??? Ellie

    1. Hi Ellie

      Thanks for stopping by! What labels are you referring to?

    2. Hi, the ones that say 'Math with someone' etc. that you have on your container/drawers or any of the activity labels.

      I also LOVE the font you use!!!

    3. Hi Hollie,

      I don't have them for sale, as I made them years ago. I can email you what I have though if you would like!

      Send me your email!

    4. That would be fantastic! Thank you so much.

    5. Hi Hollie,

      I CANNOT find the labels!! I have been searching everywhere on my computer! I think I might have made them before on my old desktop which I got rid of!

      Soo sorry!!!



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