Monday, 30 July 2012

Back to School Bonanza and Daily 5 Math Storage

Happy Monday!

It's so great to hear that people are interested in Daily 5 Math. I am by no means an expert but hopefully I can encourage some people to take the leap and get it started! If you are already doing Daily 5 literacy, then it's a breeze. Last week I posted about my kiddos math bags. Now I will share a little about how I store stuff.

I like to keep the activities in sterilite bins and drawers. I put a label on each one so my kids know exactly where to put their materials back. I use them for my word work activities too.

Math with Someone bins. I put a white mailing label with the game name on each bin and then just make a new one when I put in a new game.

I have about 6 of these drawers in a row for Daily 5 Math.  I store each activity or game in a ziploc bag. When a game or activity is out, I make 3 copies of it. So for Math with Someone, there is 3 copies of the game, so 3 pairs of kids can play it. If you go to an activity and its all gone then you choose another. I label it with the name of the activity and what skill the kids are working on when playing it.

Ziploc bag with activity, smaller bag depending on size of activity

Label with name of activity and what the kids are working on when playing it

Foam number puzzle

Activty packed up and ready for the  bins . The "E" means this activity is for everybody
When I am not using the activity, I pack it up in the cupboard with a quick note about the activity and where it goes in Math Daily 5. I also stick its velcro card from the Math Daily 5 chart with it.
Envelope with quick note about activity. Any recording pages needed go in envelope.
Game in ziploc bag with any special materials needed inside another little bag. Label on front.

Velcro Card from board of Math Daily 5 choices

I clip all 3 copies together when ready to be put away

Bins I keep the activites in when not in use. Ignore the ugly taping job.

Cupboard which holds the bins of activities

Hope this helps get people started and thinking about Daily 5 math in their own class!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Blogging Awards

Wow. I have only been blogging a short time and I have been nominated for some bloggy awards. Thanks Peeps. And I thought only Mrs. Poulin read this thing. (My awesome music teacher. Check her out here.)

The Liebster Award.
Thanks Miss School Potato!


Here is who I am nominating for the Liebster Blog Award:
1. Steph at Stay Tuned
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5. Kerry at Teaching in the Peace

Here are the rules:
1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their site.
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Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New Blog and Daily 5 Math Bags

My fabulous music teacher at my school was the one who finally convinced me to start a blog. And now she has made one of her own!  It is called Stay Tuned! It is so cute and full of great ideas for music and the classroom! Go check it out and pass it on to the music teachers at your school. She is amazing!!!!

Click on the name to check her out!

Now onto Daily 5 Math. I posted awhile ago about some of the activities I use for D5 math as well as some pictures of set up on the Classroom Pictures Page.

This was my second year doing it and I am still working out some kinks.

Today I am posting about my students math bags. Each student has one and it is filled with a variety of manipulatives that can help them be independent and successful during Math Daily 5.

They take them with them to every activity they choose. In the beginning of the year we go over routines and expectations for taking care of math bags. Then it's up to them to take care of it. When the chime rings at the end of the round, they are in charge of putting things back into their math bag and tidying up their activity. I must have drilled it into them well because at the end of the year when we were tidying up, I only had 1 student who had lost 1 tile in his bag of counters. THATS IT!!!! Every other student had EVERY manipulative that they had started with. No missing cards, no lost pencil, no lost dice. I was proud :)

Each bag has a name tag with the students name. It has handles and  a zipper. I purchased them from Dollarama (Canadian dollar store) They are laptop bags.

In each students Math Bag there is:

1. Deck of Cards: I removed the J, Q, K cards from each students deck. Students take these out when they finish their activity in Math by Myself. They play Memory (matching numbers), Make ten (finding pairs that make ten), Don't find the tens ( this is not the real name, I can't remember it!!) and they can work on sorting their cards into numbered sets.

2. Double Ten Frame and Hundreds Chart: Students use the double ten frame to play, fill the frame, ten frame flash etc. Hundreds chart is used for counting forwards and backwards, skip counting, patterning etc.

3. Number Line and Bead Number Line: Number line 1-20 and bead number line with 20 beads on each pipe cleaner. Students use these manipulatives as needed for support with adding and subtracting, 1 more 1 less, 2 more 2 less.  

4.  Power of Ten Cards: Each student has their own mini deck of power of ten cards in their math bag.  They are mini ten frames showing the numbers 0-10. There are tons of games to teach with the power of ten cards. 

5. Eraser, Pencil and Die: Every student has 1 of these in their math bag. When their game or activity requires a dice, they take it out of their math bag. Pencils and erasers are used for recording pages and Math Writing. Only rule about pencils: I will not sharpen pencils during math rounds. The noise is distracting to students who are learning. I teach my students to quietly get up and grab an extra pencil if their's breaks without interrupting me!

6.  Whiteboard, marker and eraser: I make whiteboards for my kids out of page protectors. I slip in a white piece of paper and there you go!! Easy Peasy. Each bag has a whiteboard, dry erase marker and eraser. The eraser is a piece of keenex. I didn't have any kleenex in my room when I took the picture! I make my kids treat their kleenex like gold. This year I only changed the kleenex's 3 times. And we use those whiteboards every day! Also for some of the math by myself activities, I have students slide the paper in their page protector and use their marker to work on it. Instead of wasting so much paper.

7. Bag of Counters: Each student has a bag of counters. I made them by cutting squares out of foam sheets. I wrote the numbers 1-15 on 1 side of the tile. I made 2 sets for each child. So everyone has 30 tiles. 1-15 two times. Each bag also has 3 yellow counters. These have the symbols plus, minus and equals on them. They use the number side to create number sentences, order numbers etc. They use the blank side as counters. If their game requires them to have 10 counters, they flip them over and use the blank side of the tiles.

So that's all right now!

 Do you have math bags for your kids? What would you add in them? How do you help your students become independent in math?

Friday, 20 July 2012

Drama Queen Linky Party

Hello everyone!

I am linking up with Barbara over at Grade ONEderful for a Drama Linky Party.

Do you have to teach drama in your class? It is part of the Arts curriculum that I am responsible for teaching to my grade ones. Here is an activity that will help get you started!

Dance Land

Create an open space in your classroom. I do this activity at my carpet area. Create an imaginary line down the middle of the space. Tell kids that there are 2 Dance Lands that they are going to be moving between. As they move into a new land they need to change their bodies to match that land. For example, you can designate one side skipping land and one side hopping land. As kids move about the space they have to move their bodies depending what land they are in! So when I am in skipping land I can only skip. As I move across the imaginary middle line I begin to hop in hopping land. Make sense?

Every 30 seconds or so, ring the chime and have everyone freeze and change the lands. So now 1 land is crawling land and 1 land is twirling land!

This is a great way to get kids moving and incorporate dance and drama!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dice Cups

Here is a quick and easy idea that I use during Daily 5 math. I HATE hearing dice rolling on tables when I am working with small groups. It drives me bananas. Or kids rolling their dice and loosing them under cabinets. Grrr...

Here is a solution! I bought small plastic bowls from the dollar store. Traced a felt circle the size of the bottom of the bowl and hot glue gunned it down. I teach my kids to drop the dice the into the bowl to roll. No more loud rolling and runaway dice!

Easy Peasy !

(Note: This picture is awful and fuzzy. I apologize. Also the bowl looks huge in this picture. It is only the size of my hand. )

Monday, 16 July 2012

Sh, Th, Ch, Wh

The picture isn't that great but they are at the top of my bulletin board

This blogging thing is hard to stay on top of!

I have been going through my classroom and re organizing cupboards and sorting junk I have hoarded. I am at school for 6 weeks running a summer enrichment program. So I might as well get lots done while I have to be there!

These are some posters I use to help my kids remember the digraphs Sh, Th, Wh and Ch. I print each one on a different colour of cardstock and then teach my kids these silly rhymes to help remember.

I got the idea from Teacher Tispter and then changed some to fit my kids.

I made little speech bubbles with the sayings to put beside the poster.

NOTE: In order for these posters to work you have to teach your kids these sayings in a silly voice with lots of expression!!!!

Sh: We say "Sh...the baby is sleeping"

Th: We say " rude!" and really emphasize that you have to stick your tongue between your teeth to make the "th" sound. ( how rude because you are sticking out your tongue!)

Wh: We say "That whale is huge!" ( make your hands go out big)

Ch:  We say " Karate Chop" ( and do a chopping motion with your hands.)

So thats it. Silly and simple and ALL my kids learned these sounds. Even my struggling readers.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Number Line Freebie!


I'm back with another freebie!!

I created a number line to use in my classroom on the wall. It has the numbers 0-20 and shows them in number form, word form and with ten frames.  They are simple, easy to read and see and a great visual for kids. My kids check them all the time when we are doing guided math to make sure their numbers are not reversed!!

Here is a picture of them up in my classroom.

Click on the picture to go to my TPT store to grab it!

Please leave a comment if you do!

Hope you can use them!!

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