Tuesday, 19 June 2012

We have hair!

So I came into work this morning and went and checked on my Chia Pets...and we have hair! Little hair...but hair!

Also I`ve been having a little trouble with my blog.....the font changed on my titles and I can`t get it back!! Sometimes when I check it...it looks right and then other times its changed back to boring old default font. Hmmm..I dont know what I`ve done!

Also some people had asked me some more questions about Handwriting without Tears:

1. Kim had asked me about the price. It is not expensive! You don`t have to get all parts of the program. There is a teacher guide and then student workbooks and then a bunch of extras ( music cds, chalkboards etc)

I would recommend getting the teacher guide. It is only $7.75!! It is packed with everything you need to know to teach printing with Handwriting without Tears. I have the student workbooks but didn`t even use them this year. You could make your own sheets to go with it! Handwriting without Tears works on double line paper. The bottom line keeps the writing straight and the midline controls the size of the letters.

It looks like this:
Picture is from Handwriting without Tears website

2. Janet had asked me if I had any other tips from the PD I went to. I do! The instructor at the PD had a good tip to help with the reversal of b. How many kids do we see reversing b and d? TONS!! How many kids do we see reversing h? Almost None!

So she suggests using h to teach b. Have kids begin to write the lowercase h and say " h is for honeybee" and continue the h around into a b! Once the kids learn this they can say it to themselves as they write and no more reversals of b!

Another great tip is giving 2 sheets of paper for lefties or making sure the words are on both sides. For example, say you are giving a printing page. The words should be printed on both the left and right side of the page so kids who are lefties have an easier time seeing the words. And this prevents the over the top curled hand writing position that lefties sometimes acquire in an attempt to see the words. Or she says giving a second page of the same thing to them. So they can print and the check the words without having to lift their hand!

I haven't tried these ideas yet but looking forward to next year!

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