Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Funday

Today was a busy day!

We finished our Van Gogh Sunflower art, did some Daily 5 and picked an animal or insect for our living things project.

Here are the pics of our Van Gogh Art...we used the technique Glue Line Chalk Pastel which I love. They always turn out really cool.

We started by talking about Van Gogh and observing some of his famous sunflower pieces. We did a directed drawing of 2 sunflowers and then traced our drawing in glue. When it was dry, we added the chalk pastel!

I got the idea from here on Pinterest!

I am in the process of getting things I have made ready to share and sell!!! Check back for more things going on....

next up..... Thinking about Non Fiction with RAN charts (reading and analyzing non fiction by Tony Stead)


  1. Your Van Gogh sunflowers are amazing. I paint Starry Night (my favourite painting) with my kindy kidlets every year.

    rubber boots and elf shoes

  2. Wondering about what kind of glue you used, tips on use, management of glue, storage? Thanks, they are so pretty! I always live to hear the management / planning behind it all ;)

    1. Hi leeanne,

      We used white glue right out of he bottle! We drew our flowers first with pencil. It was a directed drawing, so we all drew together. Then they traced their lines with white glue. They just needed lots of reminders to keep their bottle straight up and not let their hand rest on their page or it smeared!


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