Sunday, 17 June 2012

I have followers??!!

I got the idea to start a blog from my fabulous music teacher at my school who stalks me on pinterest. She convinced me to and I was little unsure as I wasn't sure if I had anything good to share that people would like. Or if anyone would read this thing.

Well now I have 6 followers! Who would have thought! Im not going to be a follower crazy person and start trying to drag people over to my blog. But it is nice to know that somebody is looking at this thing besides me.

I went to a PD yesterday on Handwriting without Tears ( yes a PD on a saturday) that was FANTASTIC ! I was given the books at the beginning of the year but didn't exactly know what to do with them and how best to use them. Now I do. :)

Anyone else out there using it?

One thing that the instructor mentioned that I never really thought of was "Practice doesn't make perfect." "PERFECT practice makes perfect." A great example she gave was printing worksheets where there is 1 letter at the beginning of the page or line and then a big empty line for the kids to practice 20 or so times. The thing wrong with this is that the kids are only seeing a perfect letter once. Then all the rest of their letters are based on the one they wrote before it. And soon their model for how to write their letter is their sloppy one beside it. Does that make sense?

Handwriting without Tears has kids only practicing a letter 10 or so times....but each time they go to write it, there is a perfect model beside it.

Like this for example:

There is a perfect model of G before every G you are about to write

So now I am thinking about all the pages I want to change in my room that I have my kids write on...hmmmm


  1. That is a good point. We don't have that program and I'm betting it's expensive? Maybe I will just add in the letters on my handwriting sheets.

  2. I was given that program, too, and I see your point. Thanks for helping me rethink what these pages really do. What else did you learn about the program that will benefit me?? I appreciate your comments.


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