Friday, 15 June 2012

Chia Pets and more Non Fiction

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for the kind comments! I am still new to this blogging thing and trying to work out the kinks.

I have tons more Daily 5 math stuff to share! We are off Monday but when I get back ( we go right to the 29th) I will take more pics!

I am also working on figuring out what fonts I can use to share things and what I need licenses check back as I will be posting more stuff!!

Ok onto Chia Pets...

I got this great idea over at the Team Johnson Blog. Hopefully my little guys sprout. I meant to take pictures throughout each step but forgot :S

We used little ankle pantyhose and filled them first with grass seed and then with soil. We tied them up, gave them a good soak, added some googly eyes and stuck them in a sunny window.

Our little Sprouts
I also made a little recording book for my kids to record their observations as their chia pets grow and change.

Love the backwards J...........and the labels!!

 We are looking foward to giving some haircuts soon!!

OK more on our Non Fiction Living Things Project. Today I introduced the kids to our own project books. I made these by taping 2 file folders together.  Students will record their information on sticky notes and we will move them along in their project folder, just as we did on the whiteboard! I will take more pictures on Tuesday to show you the folders!

Their job today was to write down all the things they think they know about their living thing. I love using a RAN chart v.s a KWL chart. In a RAN chart we do "What I THINK I know." That word think is important. It allows us to use our research skills to confirm our thinking or decide it was a misconception.

That's it for today!  I am off to eat chips finish report cards!

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