Friday, 19 September 2014

Assessment Tips on the Ipad

I have shared before about how I use my Ipad for most of my assessment on my kids. I wanted to share some extra tips and ideas for getting started.

Today in my division we had something called Strong Beginnings. There are no classes today and Monday and kids come for 1 hour appointments with their teacher. During those appointments we assess literacy and numeracy skills. I am assessing all their literacy skills on the ipad.

These are the skills I assessed today:

Concepts of Print
Hearing and Recording Sounds
Letter Identification
Word Reading
Writing Vocabulary
Burt Test (word reading)
Running Record (Fountas and Pinell)

I use Evernote for the bulk of my assessment on the Ipad.

Each child has their own assessment folder in Evernote.

photo 1

I made “Notes” in Evernote for each task (concepts of print, word reading etc) and saved them each as a template. I then copied each note into every child assessments folder so that I would be ready to record their data in them when they come. Here is what a students notebook looks like right now:

photo 1

Every assessment piece is a new note in her notebook.

Here is what one of the notes look like when you open them up. This assessment was done on a whiteboard and then I took a photo of it. In Evernote, I can now annotate and mark right on the photo scoring it .

photo 2

Another great thing about using Evernote for assessment, is I can access it anywhere on anything! Nearing the end of the day today, my ipad only had 8% percent left and I still had 3 kids coming to assess! And I forgot my charger!! I quickly grabbed my class Ipad, signed into the Evernote App on there and was able to access all my notebooks and finish up!

Benefits of using the Ipad for assessment:
Saves paper
Have your data wherever, whenever(no lugging binders back and forth during report card time!)
You can email your data to other colleagues, parents, specialists, etc

Try it out!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wordless Wednesday Daily 5 Freebies

Here are some new Daily 5 routines and strategies we have been working on!

photo 3

Click {HERE} to download the I Pick Poster

photo 4

Click {HERE} to download the Stamina Poster

photo 5

Click {HERE} to download the 3 ways to read a book Poster

We also started Writing Time today.

photo 1photo 2

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Read to Self, CAFE Titles, Turn and Talk Sharing

We began Read to Self on our 3rd day of school. This is my 6th year doing Daily 5 and CAFE and every year I change something or many things! This year I want to focus on daily mini lessons on CAFE and utilizing the board as much as I can. I had to move tons of furniture around and lost a bunch of storage and space. My CAFE board had to move as well, as it became too high up for me to reach! Here it is on the back of my reading corner shelf. It is now at kid level and more friendly for them to reach and refer to. I also changed my CAFE headers and papers to reflect a more calming presence.Click {HERE} to download the CAFE headers. 

photo 5

Here is our Read to Self Anchor Chart. I hope everyone’s anchor charts look like mine when they do them with the kids! The next day, I hang up the nice smaller one. We are also tracking our stamina on the bottom lol. (we are now at 8 minutes)

photo 3

I also created a poster to help when us when we turn and talk after mini lessons, sharing, etc. I got the idea from Mrs. Rios’s Blog and tweaked it to fit my kids.

photo 4

Click {HERE} to download the Turn and Talk Poster.

How is everybody else doing with starting up Daily 5 and CAFE?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Classroom Pictures 2014

AHH! I finally found some time to come on and blog and share! Last week, we had staggered entrance and I had half the kids Thursday and half the kids Friday. Yesterday was our first full day being all together and it went pretty well!

My room is not completely done as I still have a crazy long list of things to do!

Over the summer, the whole school received a new balanced learning environment in their classroom, so lots of rearranging was needed. (you will see the new furniture in the pictures)

The balanced learning environment works in 3 areas. Students can sit and work with peers (ex tables), students can work alone (ex desks) and students can stand and work (standing tables and standing desks). We also have a variety of chairs in our rooms. Some wobbly stools, some rocker chairs and some sturdy normal chairs.

Here’s some pictures of my room!

I teach in an open concept school as well, so you will see in the pics that I have no door and only 2 1/4 walls. lol You will be able to see into other classrooms!

photo 1 (29)
View from the hallway looking in

photo 1 (30)
Wobbly stool

photo 1 (31)
Alphabet posters (in my shop), word wall and Smartboard

photo 1 (32)
community supplies (markers)

photo 1 (33)
community supplies (whiteboard markers, whiteboard erasers:mittens and gluesticks)

photo 2 (32)
classroom view from another angle

photo 2 (33)
rocking chair

photo 2 (34)
chart area and community supplies

photo 2 (35)
carpet area

photo 2 (36)
small group area (guided reading and daily 5 math) I used to have crate seats but they put new big legs and wheels on my table :( and now I need big chairs

photo 3 (31)
classroom view (blue table is a standing table)

photo 3 (32)
job chart

photo 3 (33)
The Reading Corner

photo 3 (34)
community supplies (pencil crayons)

photo 5 (19)
whole classroom view

photo 5 (21)
Daily 5 bookbins

photo 5 (22)
community supply buckets (scissors, pencils, erasers and glue on the floor)

photo 4 (26)
Math Daily 5 Bins, also listen to reading and math tool bags

photo 4 (27)
Close up of 1 side of the reading corner

photo 4 (28)
Community supplies (crayons)

photo 4 (29)

Moose Bin (holds our black take home folders)

photo (7)
Standing desk (you can see the hallway in front with the computers, our class opens up into the hallway!)

Hopefully I will be back on Friday or Saturday to share what we did this week!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Math Daily 3 Labels

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow will be my first day back in my class since summer break! AHH! Looking forward to getting things set up but also dreading it at the same time.

I have been making some new labels for stuff and thought I would pass along some labels for Math Daily 3 or Math Daily 5 as I call it.

I use these to label my sterilite bins where I hold the activities kids can choose from.

Click {HERE} to download.
math bin labelsAbSlide2Slide3Slide4Slide5
Happy Monday!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Alphabet Cards with Real Photos

Thought I would stop by and let you know I added another product to the sale running right now on Teachers Notebook.

I am excited to get these up in my classroom this year and love the look of real photos!


I even made some special cards just for Canadians!

Click {HERE} to go find it in my shop!
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