Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tech Talk Thursday: Mixing Art and Technology

Yesterday I had the chance to attend a full day PD put on by the Technology and Art Consultants in our division.

It was awesome to get a chance to see new ways to incorporate art into my classroom while using technology.

We first looked at the SAMR model. This model was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura and describes technology integration through four different levels.


Substitution: Technology is used as a direct substitute for what you might do already, with no functional change.
Augmentation: Technology is a direct substitute, but there is functional improvement over what you did without the technology.
Modification: Technology allows you to significantly redesign the task.
Redefinition: Technology allows you to do what was previously not possible

(  Our job was to look at the Redefinition level and look at creating new tasks for our students that might not be possible without technology.  We were introduced to apps that moved away from content and focused on student creation.  There were many student creation apps talked about but we mainly looked at :  Adobe Ideas Explain Everything Comic Life Eraser Pro Superimpose Animoto Time Lapse Camera HD  Some of these are free and some are not.  Our morning work consisted of the art side. We were tasked with making a mask.
We needed to come up with an idea for our mask and document the whole process.

Here are some photos from my mask making project.

PicFrame (3)PicFramePicFrame (2)

The last photos include some other masks from my awesome colleagues!

I was going for an objects and materials mask as we are learning about that right now in science.

The afternoon focused on incorporating technology into our project.

Using the photos we had taken, we were introduced to some apps that could help students further their learning by moving to the next step with their creation.

Here are some of the idea we discussed:

1. Having students take the photos and document the art process. (Explain Everything, Educreations, Animoto Comic Life)
Students would create videos or how to lessons of how they created their piece. These could be used to teach other students in the class, explain knowledge and mastery or to be used next year for new students.
2. Using the photos and creating a Time Lapse Project. Speeding it up or slowing it down to show the whole process from start to finish. (Time Lapse Camera HD)
3. For the younger ones, I might have my kids use Educreations to create a re-tell of the steps of the project. They can put the photos in order and then record their voice going through step by step and giving a how to.
4. Using a photo/drawing/creating app to re-create the art piece in a different way. (Adobe Ideas)

Here is my mask after I uploaded it into Adobe Ideas and recreated it with different colours and textures.

Untitled 1

Untitled 1 copy

A lot of neat ideas I can’t wait to take back and use. I am going to go back to my room and try to make sure I am incorporating technology activities that are moving away from Substitution and towards Redefinition.

I know I am guilty sometimes of using technology as a direct substitute for something I was previously doing without enhancing the learning. Less game-content apps and more student creation and critical thinking apps! Not using the ipad as a worksheet!

Hope this gets you started thinking on how you are using technology in your classroom and how you can begin mixing in other content areas!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Balancing Equations FREE Assessment

Spring Break is coming to an end :(

I have been sick most of it with a Sinus Cold and BF was gone all Spring Break so I’ve had lots of time to tinker around and get things ready for our Tri Conferences which are coming up at the end of April.

We need to get our Data Folders up to date this coming week and I am going to be assessing them on balancing equations. I created this quick assessment for them to fill out and add to our data folders.

You can use it as a worksheet or an assessment.

Fonts and Graphics: The Reading Corner, Teacher Laura and GingerSnaps

Click {HERE} to download a free copy!


The snow is finally melting here! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

NEW math games posted in my shop!

I haven’t posted anything new in FOREVER! Sometimes I feel like the things I make for my own kids people wouldn’t really want or need because they are so tailored to my kids. Which is why I haven’t posted anything in my shop in a long time!

This is something I hope though that people can get some use out of!

I posted a while ago some freebies for a Subtract and Cover game I made. I finished making the set which works on subtracting from 6-10. It comes with recording pages as well! These activities require zero prep, except grabbing a die and can be worked on multiple times. They are made in black and white so you can print on colour and go!

Hope you can use them! Click on the photo to go to my shop!


Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tuesday Art Linky: Plasticine Portraits

I am on Spring Break!!!

I am linking up with Mel over at Frog Spot for her Tuesday Art Linky.

Last week we worked on our Plasticine Portraits in Art. This took us a few hours each day as we worked on them step by step.

Here is a pic of the finished product:


Click {HERE} to link back to my original post on how to make them!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

5 for Friday (Sunday)

A little late but here it goes!
1. QR Codes

I shared a recent post about how to make QR Codes with an image behind it! My kids went around and looked at ten frames and wrote down combinations to make 10.

photo 1 (15)photo 4 (15)photo 2 (17)
2. Labelling with Thinglink
We also used the App Thinglink this week to work on some labelling and create an interactive image. Kids took a  picture of themselves and had to go in and label the 5 senses.
photo (2)
3. True or False Sort
We have been working on balancing number sentences and giving proof for why something is True or False. Here is a sort we did at Morning Meeting.
photo 1 (14)
4. Tallying
We read Tally O’Malley this week and having been working on tally marks in our small groups. Writing and counting them!
photo 5 (10)
5. Work on Writing
Found this writing piece while I was browsing through their Work on Writing folders. Love the way she spelt Ipad.
photo 4 (14)

Hope you had a great weekend! 1 more week until Spring Break for us!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

How to create a QR Code of an Image!

Hello folks,

Back with another installment of Tech Talk Thursday!

Last night some colleagues and I shared some technology ideas that we use in our classroom with our Principals university class. One of the ideas we shared about was using QR codes in the classroom. Many of us use them in a variety of ways and it got me thinking about new things I could do with them for my own kids.

Many people might know that you can create a QR code to link to a url, text and even voice. Did you know you can also link an image? It takes a few steps but not nearly as much trouble as you would think!

I wanted my kids to use the QR codes to go on a hunt to find different ways to make 10. I wanted them to be able to scan a QR code and have a ten frame pop up which shows a combination to 10.

Like this:

They would look at red plus white and record the number sentence that matches the ten frame. So 4 + 6 = 10.

I made 11 different QR codes for my kids to find all the different combos that make 10.

Here is how I did it:

Step 1: Insert your image or graphic into Powerpoint. I had previously made ten frames in Powerpoint so I opened up that document.


Step 2: Save each image you want as a jpg or png. You can right click on each image and save as picture. You need to save each one separately. So I had 11 ten frame combos I wanted so I had 11 pics saved.

Step 3: Go to Photobucket online. Photobucket is a web tool that lets you store your pictures online.  You need to create an account but its free! Upload all the images you just saved as jpgs or pngs to Photobucket. 
Here is what 1 of my images looks like after I uploaded it.

Step 4: For each image you upload…Photobucket creates a direct link for it. So you can view that photo online with the link.


Step 5: Copy the direct link and paste it into a QR code generator. I like because it is super simple.


Step 6: It will now generate a QR code for you for that link! Here is my QR code on the far right for one of my ten frames.


I can right click on it and save the QR code as a pic or like it says download it!
So I went in Photobucket and copied all the links for each image and then kept pasting them into the generator to make new QR codes.

Step 7: Print the QR codes and have your kids use a scanner app (free) to go scan and solve!   I am going to have them go around with a partner, an ipad, and a whiteboard. They will scan and then write the number sentence for that ten frame on the whiteboard. (saving paper!)

Here are 2 that I made. Use your scanner app to scan it and see what it looks like!

ten frame hunt

Hope this makes sense! Try it out and let me know!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Salvador Dali Elephants

I’m linking up with Mel from Frog Spot for her Tuesday Art Linky!

I love finding new art ideas and am excited to go back and check the blogs that linked up!

My art idea comes from learning about the artist Salvador Dali.

I saw Mrs.T’s First Grade Classes Dali Birds and loved them!

We learned about his life and painting style called Surrealism. We learned that he liked to paint things that were surreal and dreamlike. Very strange and weird things!

We analyzed some of his famous paintings and re-created Elephants in the style of Dali.

1. We read books about Dali and looked at his paintings and his style of Surrealism.

photo 2 (15)

2. We looked at the aspects of Elephants and did a directed drawing of an Elephant.
photo 2 (11)photo 4 (10)photo 3 (11)

3. We outlined our Elephants with black marker and coloured them with a gray crayon.

photo 5 (6)

4. We choose a colour for the background and painted it with liquid watercolours.

photo 3 (15)photo 1 (11)photo 4 (13)

They turned out beautiful! I love how old some of the elephants look. I also love the long legs which give it that surreal look!

photo 2 (12)photo 2 (14)photo 1 (10)
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